Sept 18, 2017

Fall back into fitness!

Use the transition of seasons to help get you back on track with your fitness routine!

Now that the temperature out side is nice get out and exercise outside

  • Less humidity
  • UV sun exposure is lower
  • Fewer allergens in the air

Now is the time to set up healthy habits before the holidays arrive. Set goals that are attainable and realistic that you can adhere to during the holidays. Create and Implement a plan that will guide you through the holidays through the new year.

If you have trouble setting, planning, and sticking to your fitness goals contact me today for more info about goal setting ideas. You are not alone lets accomplish our goals together!

Sept 12, 2017

How do I stay motivated?

This is a question that I get at least once a day. This is not a simple answer because it is different for everyone. That being said, one way I stay motivated is by surrounding myself with like minded people. If you do not have people that have similar goals you do then I implore you to go find new friends, co-workers, and if you need to get a coach/ Mentor!

For more info regarding this message please feel free to email me directly at [email protected]

Photo Reggie “The Machine” and Travon Edwards