(March 5, 2017) I have been working with Nick for about 9 months now and have been so pleased with how my body has changed. I am much stronger, and my workouts have gotten easier and better! He is very knowledgable and sets you up with a nutrition and fitness plan that will get you seeing results fast! If you put in the effort, yo will get the body you want! He is personable, flexible, and very easy to work with! See Nick if you want to get that body you have always wanted.

– Naomi P.

(March 2, 2017) In two short months, I’ve lost almost 15 pounds, and have seen tremendous results. Nicholas is nothing short of an absolute pro. We discussed my goals at the very beginning, and Nicholas immediately customized a workout to my very needs. His style of pushing people without being an over-the-top drill sergeant makes for a very confident and fun workout His philosophy on tailoring workouts so that your body is primed for practical use in every day life rather than simply trying to get “massive biceps” for no reason is my favorite part of working with Nicholas. I feel so much better throughout the week and can feel my daily physical tasks becoming easier and easier. Needless to say, get this guy in your schedule immediately. It’s without question worth the money.

– Mike A.

(March 2, 2016) I really can’t say enough great things about Nick! He offers an amazing support system and really takes the time to create a workout / nutrition plan around your goals. He is also very accommodating in terms of scheduling, and has always been very consistent and reliable. I would recommend Nick to anyone ready to get serious about their fitness goals.

– Allison M.

(July 26, 2016) Nick is an excellent personal trainer! I am not an athlete and don’t have a ton of experience–besides running– working out. Nick has flexible times and does an exceptional job working around my ability. He also knows how to push to exactly the right amount to get results. He talks you through each exercise and teaches skills which can be applied outside the gym. He isn’t just looking for short term gain (while he is working towards real results) he is really focused on getting you  healthy overall. I would recommend him to anyone regardless of ability!

– Deborah P.

(December 31, 2015) I purchased a 16 pack of training sessions because I wanted to get in shape for a friend’s wedding, but was having a lot of shoulder pain.  Nick did a great job of providing me with exercises that strengthened my upper body without causing irritation or pain to my shoulder.  By the end of our sessions, my shoulder pain was greatly reduced.  Nick’s positivity motivated me to finish reps that I didn’t think I could handle; my strength greatly improved.  Nick is passionate about his work, and I would highly recommend him as a trainer!

– Brittany N.

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